Inverter Batteries


Marathon Batteries manufactures Tubular Deep cycle batteries which is best suited for any Back up Power System. Marathon is the pioneer in introducing back up power system for homes and other stationary applications. Marathon  is the leading inverter battery manufacturer in India with innovative and unique ideas and designs from last 9 years.  With its premium quality Tubular battery Marathon  is aiming to cement its long earned leading position.

Product Features

  • Pressure Casted Spine Grid using PDC Machines
  • Specialized Paste Recipe
  • Fine Pore Structured Gauntlet
  • Highly Porous Heavy Duty (HD) Separator
  • Float Vent Plug for Electrolyte level monitoring
  • Robust Container


  • Inverter
  • Solar Hybrid System
  • Solar System
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Renewable Systems
  • UPS

The Marathon Atom battery is designed to provide battery power for critical applications. The flooded lead acid battery, with its low level of self-discharge, makes it ideal for back up power applications in domestic inverter, telecommunication, utility, and transportation industries. The transparent, impact-resistant container allows the user to easily observe electrolyte levels, as the batteries require minimal topping throughout their lifecycle. Positive Electrode is made of Flat rectangular grid with heavy bus bar available with low antimony and Negative Electrode is made up with long life expander and available with low antimony.

Other outstanding features of this new product range include robust, highly translucent and market-proven PP cases, extremely resistant to conventional cleaning agents and making it easy to check electrolyte levels, and also the MARATHON compound terminal / system connector.

This system virtually eliminates corrosion and greatly lowers the risk of short-circuits during installation.

Inverter Batteries

Your benefits with Marathon Atom Inverter Batteries:-

  • Very good high-current capability - low investment costs due to innovative electrode structure
  • High expected service life - due to double separation
  • Maximum compatibility - dimensions according to DIN and JIS
  • Higher short-circuit safety even during the installation - based on Marathon's system connectors
  • Extremely extended water refill intervals up to ultra low maintenance level.
Model NumberAH Capacity @ C20Overall Dimension +/- 5mmWeight +/- 5%
LengthWidthTotal Height
MFT 10010052027726542.10
MFT 13513552027726548.20
MFT 15015052027726552.10
MFT 18018052027726556.60
MTT 10010051519042051.40
MTT 12012051519042050.34
MTT 15015051519042055.30
MTT 18018051519042063.80
MTT 20020051519042065.20
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