Marathon UPS batteries are high quality, maintenance-free batteries produced at a state of the art manufacturing facility with advanced battery manufacturing technologies and high-purity materials. It has a long float and cyclic life span, high specific energy, and low self-discharge rate. Completely leak proof, it has excellent anti-corrosion properties and performs flawlessly in varying temperature conditions.

Marathon SMF  batteries have a design life ranging from 5 to 10 years and are backed by standard warranties depending on the model.

SMF Battery

Features & Benefits

  • Design life of 5 to 10 years at 27°C, depending on the model.
  • Superior Lead Calcium alloy grid with high density active materials.
  • Excellent cyclic performance and recovery after over-discharging.
  • High-purity material ensuring low self-discharge.
  • Valve-regulated (sealed) construction for sale operation in any position.
  • Tank formed plates optimize cell voltage balance and performance.
  • Completely leak proof and maintenance-free.
  • Compact design with high power to power ratio.
  • High impact ABS casing.


  • UPS backup.
  • Emergency lighting.
  • Telecommunications power supply.
  • DC power supply.
  • Electronic weighing machines.
  • Railway signalling systems.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Network communication equipment.
  • Power stations systems and Power plants.

PROTON Brand of batteries manufactured by MARATHON for serving the Indian market to latest national and international quality standards of ISO 9001 : 2000,The battery meets IEC standard, JIS standard, EB standard, Earobat standard, BS standard and GB standard. The VRLA Batteries are manufactured in the our plant using precision global standard test and measuring equipment to ensure the product quality and reliability.

These batteries are designed keeping India power conditions in mind like cyclic / float, use by UPS, DC Power applications in industrial as well as domestic sectors, Solar and Photo-voltaic Systems.

AGM technology takes care of general purpose application. AGM-VRLA battery uses Oxygen Recombination technology. The oxygen produced from the positive plates is absorbed by negative plates. This suppresses the generation of hydrogen at negative plates. The recombination of hydrogen and oxygen leads to formation of water retaining the electrolyte amount within the battery thus never requires topping up throughout life.

Model NumberAH Capacity @C10Overall Dimension +/- 5mmWeight in Kg +/- 5%
MP 12-7715165942.15
MP 12-7.57.515165942.35
MP 12-26261661761258.45
MP 12-424219716517913.40
MP 12-656534916719021.90
MP 12-757534916719023.50
MP 12-10010033117322330.00
MP 12-15015048517024243.70
MP 12-20020052223821960.00
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